Reset, Refresh and Rebuild with the 2020 Budget

Is your most valuable marketing tool – your website – an asset or a liability?
Is it costing you the sales and leads you need right now?

Update your old or build a new website at a full tax write off!

We believe the greatest asset to any business is their website...

With the passing of the 2020 Budget, businesses will be able to write off the full value of any asset they purchase or install before June 2022.

Why your website is an ​asset to your business:

24/7 Sales Person

A website works around the clock and it should be your best sales person or lead generator.

Communicate & Build Trust

A website should clearly communicate why a customer should choose you and help build that trust your customers need to do business with you.

Digital Marketing Hub

If you’re doing SEO, Google Ads or Facebook Ads and your website is the weakest link, you’re wasting your money on these other marketing activities.

At e-CBD, we've helped hundreds of frustrated Australian business owners fix their website and begin to thrive.

“Could not recommend e-CBD enough! Their knowledge and expertise are second to none. Their team are highly motivated and delivered a seamless product.

- Automundo

What can you fully write off?

Updating your old website

Creating a new website

Opening an online store

How it works!


Discovery Meeting

We’ll have a discovery meeting to find out what you need.


Strategy Development

A strategy will be developed to meet those needs.


Get Started

Once you’re happy with the strategy and costs involved, we’ll get started.

If your website is not performing as it should, you are probably doing a disservice to your brand, company or business.

Are you ready to make your website your greatest asset?

Get The Process Started

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